February 2023: The Month in Review

February 2023: The Month in Review

Summarizing activities of February 2023


The best way to reflect on a month's activities is to summarize them. This not only helps to give an overall idea of how the month passed but also assists to figure out the unfinished tasks or setting new goals for the next month. This idea is inspired by the monthly report for the tasks that I had done, in my previous workplace. So, here I am presenting a wrap-up for the second month of the year; February 2023.

I will be covering the following topics which I feel, have the most impact on my life.

🟢 Hashnode

🟢 Twitter

🟢 Coding

🟢 Reading

🟢 Writing

🟢 Duolingo

🟢 Personal


I wrote 4 articles in February, thereby achieving my monthly target of writing at least 4 articles. However, there has been an article pending from January. I hope that I will be able to get enough topics for being able to compensate for that.

🔶Articles Written

Monthly Wrap-up for January 2023 - This article is about my reflection on my journey of January 2023, which encompassed both failures and achievements, as well as experiences and aspirations.

Debugging Methods for Developers - This article gives an idea about different methods of debugging for developers. This article serves as an entry to #DebuggingFeb.

Dealing with common errors in Python - I have opted to focus on debugging in Python, my preferred language, to provide more precise insights. This article serves as a continuation of the previous one. This dwells deeper into debugging by identifying the commonly occurring errors and classifying them. This article serves as an entry to #DebuggingFeb.

Debugging logical errors in Python - This article describes the ways, in detail, to tackle logical errors in Python. This article serves as an entry to #DebuggingFeb.

🔶Events and Badges

#DebuggingFeb - I wrote three articles for this contest and waiting for the result.

#CocodeBlogs - The result of this writeathon got out. Even though I didn't win anything, I at least got a topic to write something about. I submitted this article for the contest.


This is how my Analytics Summary looks like

I got some followers this month and I am so grateful to them to have decided to follow my blog. With the increase in the number of followers, I am now more conscious to provide quality content for them.

I get motivated by views, comments, and reactions. I would love to get feedback from the readers to improve my writing skill.


I got some wonderful material from people associated with the Tech field which is pending to be explored. I follow them for the latest trend, topics, and material. That's the best thing about Twitter and people are so helpful on that platform. I am getting hooked on it and it has become a digital diary for me.


✅Completed solving problems upto Day40 and reached 25/50. It feels great when the author follows you and gives a shout-out in his Tweet. I had a plan of finishing it but I couldn't as I was taking other courses simultaneously.

✅Enrolled myself for Python Programming MOOC 2023 and completed up to Part-2. Let's see if I will be able to finish it to take up the exam on 11th Mar 2023.

✅I have enrolled for the course Introduction to C# by Metropolia University. I have started learning it even though I am unable to give much time to it.

✅I have enrolled myself for the course FITech Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.


Picking up from the reads of January 2023

🟣Bhagvad Gita As it is (Continuing)

To love and let go by Rachel Brathen - What a book! I reviewed it in my Instagram profile. I loved reading every part of this book. It was not just about knowing the writer but also her family members. Her writing made everyone closer to me, I felt as if I had met the mentioned persons in my life before. This is a must-read for those who appreciate looking at life at a deeper level.

🟣 If it's not forever by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh (Continuing)

🟣House of cards by Sudha Murthy (Continuing)


✅ I wrote 3 ways writing has made me a better person for blogchatter bloghop. This was my first post at BlogChatter and surprisingly it became the top post that week.

✅For the week of Love, according to the prompt of Poetier - #poetizerlovelanguage, I composed two poems; walking with you by my side and Reminiscing memories with you

✅I wrote of movie review of Sita Ramam on the prompt of Valentine's Week by BlogChatter.

✅I completed the #WriteAPageADay challenge by BlogChatter for the month of February. According to the rules of the challenge, I have to update the word count every day of February on social media and cross 10k words. To my surprise, I completed this challenge by writing an aggregate of 16161 words for the month of February.

🚩Duolingo & Language Learning

✅ I completed February Challenge.

✅Attained 580 Day strike for German and Finnish.

✅Enrolled myself in a Language Course for a beginner in Finnish by Metropolia University

✅I obtained C2 Language Proficiency in English on EFSET.

🚩Personal Development

✅celebrated Maha Shiv Ratri on 18th Feb

✅I attended 3 sessions of Fundamental Skills by Career Club Espoo which were about self-reflection, scanning the environment, and setting goals. The sessions were interactive and there were 10 participants. We made new connections and exchanged ideas through discussions.

✅Attended a session at Hive, Helsinki organized by the Women In Tech Team.

✅Attended Summer Job Fair at Sello Library.

✅I had registered for Developer's Week 2023, but could not attend it.

✅I attended the session of Employer Speed Dating at Tekniikantie.

✅I received interview invitations from 3 companies and results are pending!

🎯Goal for Mar 2023

✅To complete Python Programming MOOC 2023 and take the test on 11th Mar 2023 if possible.

✅To complete one course from Coursera.

✅To complete Responsive Web Design by FreeCodecamp.

✅To convert job interviews to offer letter

✅Be regular with other courses that I'm taking.

✅ Review the courses that I'm taking.

✅To attend social events to expand the network

✅Reduce distraction and focus with deep work

✅Eat healthy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle

🍀Final Note

It was a great month, still chilly where I live but this month started with the practice of self-reflection and introspection. I hope to attain the goals of this month and push myself to be a better version of myself!

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